Cards Against Misogyny

Introducing Cards Against Misogyny, a collaboration with our friends Beyond Equality, a free card game to tackle online misogyny through conversation, education, and action.

We have designed this series of cards that can be used to facilitate meaningful individual conversations and actions aimed at tackling misogyny through education and discussion. These are your Cards Against Misogyny: a resource not just for young people. It's crafted for anyone who influences the lives of the younger generation - be it educators, parents, carers, or friends.

Our deck is aimed at encouraging conversations on healthy masculinity, identifying things you can do to tackle misogyny, and to challenge misogynistic ideologies. Whether you're a young person yourself or someone with young people in your life, now is the perfect time to open up conversations about disrupting the pathway of these harmful ideas in a meaningful way.

There is power in individual conversations. Join in by downloading your free Cards Against Misogyny pack below. Let's unite to #EndOnlineMisogyny.

Free Download:

Cards Against Misogyny Download Link for Online Use Cards Against Misogyny download link for printing in colour Cards Against Misogyny download link for printing in black and white

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