to end gender identity discrimination.


Your gender shouldn’t define who you are - you should. 

Selfhood fights for your right to define and experience gender however you choose. We are a movement of optimists, fighters, and dreamers.





Selfhood exists at the intersection of the feminist and queer liberation movements.

We believe that these fights must be tackled together and cannot be ignored. We approach the fight for gender liberation from two sides: bold campaigning and a commitment to grassroots activism. Selfhood gives you the tools to take action in your community. Our campaigns tackle root causes of gender identity discrimination.

Join us and get involved wherever you are.


Our Values


We welcome everyone to take part in the fight for gender liberation: in any way, at any level, with any or no experience. 


Change happens when people come together. We foster a sense of belonging, connection, and respect in our movement.


We stand up for what's right in the face of toxic opposition with conviction and without apology.




TRANS LIVES MATTERTrans and gender diverse people are and have always been at the heart of both feminist and queer activism. We stand resolute in our commitment to the rights and dignity of transgender people. Everyone should have the right to gender expression. Gender liberation is unattainable without full acceptance, celebration, and protection of trans rights.