Trans* Kids Deserve Freedom: Campaign to Scrap Government's Proposed Guidance on Gender Questioning Children

Trans* Kids Deserve Freedom: Campaign to Scrap Government's Proposed Guidance on Gender Questioning Children



Selfhood, a gender liberation charity campaigning to end gender identity discrimination, launches a powerful campaign urging the government's proposed guidance on Gender Questioning Children to be rewritten to support trans* children. Against a backdrop of increased and ongoing hostility towards trans* people in the UK, Selfhood sees these proposals as yet another attempt to treat trans* children as a political football. 

Individuals who care deeply about gender, LGBTQ+ rights, or children's welfare, have a finite period of time to oppose this new guidance and make a significant impact.

Jo Atkins-Potts, Selfhood’s Director said: "At its core, childhood is a journey of self-discovery. We explore, experiment, and express who we are, shaping our selfhood in the process. The government's proposed guidance threatens this fundamental aspect of growing up by imposing restrictive measures on 'gender questioning’ or trans*, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming children. It seeks to confine individuals within predefined boxes, stifling their ability to authentically explore their gender identity. We believe every child should have the freedom to navigate this path without fear of discrimination, isolation, or bullying."

"The proposed Gender Questioning Children Guidance fails to provide the necessary support and understanding that schools urgently need to assist transgender students. Instead, it fosters an environment that encourages bullying and discrimination. This is not the guidance our schools and children need or deserve."

Selfhood is calling on all supporters, followers, and concerned citizens to respond to the Government's consultation and demand the abandonment of this discriminatory guidance. The campaign urges everyone to act now, emphasising the critical importance of ensuring that trans children, like all children, have the liberty to explore their selfhood during their formative years.

Jo Atkins-Potts at Selfhood states, "This government must not use trans people as political pawns. Trans children deserve the same freedom and safety to explore who they are as any other child. We cannot let them be the next target of this government’s transphobia. Respond to the consultation today and join us in safeguarding the freedom of all children to discover their selfhood."

For more information about the campaign and how to respond to the government's consultation, please visit here.

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