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Building a movement for gender liberation: we campaign to end gender identity discrimination.


Selfhood campaign across multiple areas to address the systemic causes of gender identity discrimination. We campaign to create a world in which people of all genders can live, work, love and thrive without limits, free to be exactly who we are.

Our campaigns focus on dismantling the systemic causes of patriarchy, sexism, and transphobia. We are not a care provider, we focus on behaviour change, changing attitudes, lobbying, and building a movement of activists for gender liberation. This looks like political campaigns that advocate for policy changes, training workshops and resources that empower and upskill activists with the skills they need to create change, and behaviour change campaigns designed to shift public attitudes and build inclusion.

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Learn more about each of our campaign goals below:

Dismantle the gender binary

The gender binary limits our selfhood. It limits how we think, express ourselves, and imagine our futures. It perpetuates harmful stereotypes and norms about what it means to be a “man” or a “woman” – and it excludes those who don’t fit neatly into these boxes. The gender binary is a powerful aspect of society that is responsible for gender based oppression and discrimination - particularly for trans, non-binary, and gender diverse people.

This isn’t just about reshaping our understanding of gender – it’s about challenging all power structures that perpetuate inequality.  The gender binary is multifaceted and embedded in our society, but our campaigning work aims to address this at its source.

Tackle the radicalisation of misogyny

Misogyny - individual and systemic prejudice against and contempt for women and femininity - has always been a cornerstone of patriarchy. But thanks to an insidious and widespread movement, misogynist extremists are radicalising boys and young men into an active - and ultimately violent - hatred of women and girls. Big tech must be challenged on how they profile these extremists and allow their bile to proliferate on their platforms. Parents and schools need to know how to prevent their sons from being pulled in. Join our mission to take action now.

Expanding the possibilities of masculinity

Masculinity isn’t inherently toxic. Stereotypical masculinity encourages men and boys to use dominance, violence, and control to assert their power and superiority in society. But it harms them and the people around them. 

It simultaneously privileges and restricts them. While men and boys benefit from societal and cultural power, they are also limited - in how they are taught to feel and express emotions, navigate relationships, and handle their mental health. Dominant masculinity needs to be examined and the harms put in the spotlight. Join us if you believe men and boys deserve better. 

Challenge systems of power which sustain and benefit from gender oppression

Gender liberation must consider all aspects of a person’s identity.  Gender oppression intersects with many forms of oppression and these cannot be understood in isolation from each other. It is only by addressing these interconnected systems can we achieve gender liberation for all people. We must make visible the distinct effects of power at the intersections of different axes of oppression - sexism, racism, classism, ableism are inextricably linked. We fight to challenge these power structures and honour the unique experiences of individuals within them.

From a single voice to a global movement. Together we have the power to make gender liberation a reality.