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Tackling misogynist extremism - #BeforeItsTooTate

Today, boys and young men are being targeted by misogynist extremists online. The spread of this hateful ideology is playing out in our homes, classrooms and offices - we are already witnessing the devastating cost of inaction.  We have to act - #BeforeItsTooTate.

We are introducing Cards Against Misogyny, a collaboration with our friends Beyond Equality, a free card game to tackle online misogyny through conversation, education, and action. There is power in individual conversations.

Join in by downloading your free Cards Against Misogyny pack below:

In this campaign we will give you the knowledge and tools you need to start disrupting the pipeline of misogynist extremism. Tackling misogyny in all its forms requires radical institutional change. But it all starts with you.

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We’re a small but mighty team fighting misogyny in all its forms because we have no choice but to do so. An enemy this big requires a well resourced opponent. To be able to push for greater systemic change - take on big tech and influence national policy - we need your help. We do as much as we can on a shoestring budget. If you can, please donate today to fight misogynistic extremism - before it’s too late.

Donate today to stop misogynist extremism in its tracks #BeforeItsTooTate