Join the fight for gender liberation

Your gender is a fundamental aspect of who you are. It was probably one of the first things that was ever said about you (insert stork emoji). But your gender shouldn’t define who you are - you should. Society constructs rules, limitations, and stereotypes that hinder our ability to be ourselves. People deserve the freedom to choose how they want to act, look, and feel, without being told they have to fit into certain boxes or roles because of their gender or sex. 

Manhood and womanhood are two pieces of the vibrant human mosaic. Society is hyper focused on those parts, but we’re interested in your Selfhood.

At Selfhood, we work as a movement to dismantle the gender binary and challenge oppressive systems of power. We fight for your right to define and experience gender however you choose. We are a movement of optimists, fighters, and dreamers. A movement that is informed, connected, and inspired - fighting for gender liberation.




WE EXIST to create a world with freedom and
equality for all genders.

Our mission is to build an inclusive gender liberation movement that enables people and communities across the world to make a difference. Selfhood trains and supports individuals wherever they are: at home, in schools, or at work to become activists for gender liberation.

We campaign to facilitate local action and use the inevitable power of our combined voices to create meaningful change that starts in our homes and communities, across borders and around the world.

Gender inequality is a systemic issue that demands collective action.

Together, we break down barriers and fight for gender liberation. Everyone has a part to play because everyone benefits from a gender liberated world.

Join us and get involved wherever you are.

Our Values

At Selfhood, the bedrock of our identity lies in our shared values. These values serve as our guiding light, uniting us in our resolute commitment to drive forward the cause of gender equality and liberation.


We welcome EVERYONE who wants to take part in pursuing gender equality and liberation in any way, at any level, with any or no experience. We embrace everyone’s own unique experience of being human and are better because of it.


We foster a sense of belonging, connection, and respect in our movement. Recognising no borders, we celebrate the full spectrum of human possibility across the globe.


We are an energetic, powerful and joyous community who are courageous in the face of challenges. We believe deeply in a future where gender is liberated and we work relentlessly towards that goal.