CAMPAIGN LAUNCH: Fight Misogynist Extremism #BeforeItsTooTate

CAMPAIGN LAUNCH: Fight Misogynist Extremism #BeforeItsTooTate



This Halloween, we’re confronting a living nightmare.

Misogynist extremists online are actively radicalising young men and boys with a violent hatred that targets not only women and girls but anyone whose gender challenges toxic masculinity. The influence of this dark ideology is growing, and its consequences are tragically real. But there's a twist: you can take action to change this.

Join the #BeforeItsTooTate campaign, where we empower individuals to have meaningful conversations about misogynist extremism—with empathy and compassion.

What is online misogynist extremism?

There’s nothing new about misogyny, but the ways in which misogyny has evolved through social media platforms and forums online are novel and complex, reviving traditional gendered tropes and creating new, dangerous ones. The manosphere is the online home of misogynist extremism existing on social media and in forums like reddit and 4Chan and populated by a wide range of groups including Pick Up Artists, Men’s Rights Activist, and people who are involuntarily celibate (Incels). 

The logic of the manosphere can sound like familiar, old-fashioned ideas about masculinity and femininity e.g. that men are naturally aggressive and women are naturally nurturing. But many ideas - often couched in pseudoscientific language or hidden behind ways to get rich/fit/women - use those tropes to justify behaviour that is much darker. We’ll be exploring this logic - and how to disrupt it - throughout the campaign. 

The Chilling Reality

Although it may sound dystopian, misogynist extremism online is not the plot of a horror movie; it's a chilling reality that unfolds in the digital spaces we all occupy. Influencers like Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson are just the tip of a much deeper, darker iceberg. Recent events, such as the murder of Elianne Andam in Croydon last month, remind us of the devastating cost of inaction. We can no longer afford to ignore this horror. Misogynist extremism is not a distant threat; it's already here, and it's spreading. But together, we have the power to put a stop to it. Act now—before it's too late.

The Power of Conversation

Confronting misogyny, in all its forms, requires radical institutional and systemic change, but we believe in starting with the individual. There is immense power in personal connections and conversations. People are most likely to listen and change their minds when they're communicating with someone they know—someone like you.

These extremists have already gone too far. We need to push back now. By joining our campaign, you can develop the tools to have crucial conversations about misogynist extremism with the people you love - conversations that are rooted in empathy and compassion, making them not just productive but transformative.

Disrupting the Pipeline of Hate

Misogynist extremism is like a gruesome pipeline, spreading hate from powerful influencers, through big tech platforms, onto the screens of young men and boys. But together, we can disrupt this pipeline and put a stop to it. #BeforeItsTooTate is a call to action, a reminder that the time to act is now. We must work together to halt misogynist extremism in its tracks.

The #BeforeItsTooTate Campaign

The #BeforeItsTooTate campaign is a rallying cry to confront and combat misogynist extremism. By joining our campaign, you become an advocate for change, a beacon of hope in a digital landscape darkened by hatred. Here's how you can be a part of this important movement.

  •  Add Your Name: Sign our call to action and pledge your support for the #BeforeItsTooTate campaign. Your name is more than just a signature; it's a symbol of your commitment to change.

  •  Start Conversations: The heart of this campaign lies in conversations. Engage with those around you—friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances. Begin dialogues about misogynist extremism, and do so with empathy and compassion.

  •  Educate Yourself: Knowledge is a powerful tool. Equip yourself with the information needed to counter misogynist extremism. Understand the signs, the rhetoric, and the ideologies that fuel this hatred. Follow Selfhood on  Instagram and TikTok check in on the website for deep dives, resources and key information. 

  •  Share Your Journey: Use your voice and your experiences to inspire others. Have you been directly affected by misogynist extremism? Do you have friends, partners, or children who’ve been sucked into the manosphere? Share your stories and insights on social media, or even write a blog post like this one. Your words can ignite change.

Changing the Conversation

Misogynist extremism thrives in the shadows of the internet, where hate and prejudice fester. But together, we can turn the tide by shining a light on this dark reality. By having conversations rooted in empathy and compassion, we can expose the flaws in extremist ideologies and offer alternatives built on tolerance, understanding, and liberation.

Here are some ways to change the conversation:

  1. 1. Ask Questions: Instead of immediately countering an extremist viewpoint, start by asking questions. Seek to understand their perspective, and encourage them to explain their beliefs.
  2. 2. Listen Actively: Be an active listener. When someone expresses extremist views, listen carefully and without judgement. This approach can create a space for them to reconsider their beliefs.
  3. 3. Empathise: Try to put yourself in the other person's shoes. Understanding their background, experiences, and fears can help you empathise and relate on a human level.
  4. 4. Challenge, Don't Attack: When you disagree, challenge the ideology, not the individual. Attacking them can lead to defensiveness, while calmly presenting counterarguments can open doors for change.
  5. 5. Share Personal Stories: If you or someone you know has experienced the harmful effects of misogynist extremism, share these stories. Personal narratives can be powerful tools for changing minds.
  6. 6. Offer Resources: Point individuals towards resources and organisations that can help them understand and escape the extremist mindset. Knowledge is a powerful tool for change.

We Are Stronger Together

The #BeforeItsTooTate campaign is a reminder that we are stronger together. Misogynist extremism is a formidable opponent, but united, we can confront it and make a real difference. It's not just about eradicating hatred; it's about building a world where everyone can thrive and live without fear.

But change starts with us as individuals. We have the power to disrupt the pipeline of hate, one conversation at a time. Join us in this critical mission to fight back against misogynist extremism and build a brighter, more inclusive future.

Thank you for adding your name and joining the campaign today.

Team Selfhood


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