Selfhood launches with a bold vision for gender liberation

Selfhood launches with a bold vision for gender liberation




Introducing Selfhood, the gender liberation movement.

We are thrilled to introduce you to Selfhood. Formerly Feminists of_, our journey to Selfhood is more than a name change; it's a bold step forward in our mission to challenge oppressive systems of power, dismantle the gender binary, and fight for your right to define and experience gender in your own way.

We live in a world where gender is often the first label placed upon us. It was probably one of the first things that was ever said about you. From the day we're born, society assigns roles, expectations, and limitations based on these labels. But gender shouldn’t confine us. We all deserve the freedom to define and experience gender on our own terms. That's the vision Selfhood brings to life.

Why Selfhood?

At Selfhood, we are a community of optimists, fighters, and dreamers. We're here to celebrate the diversity of true gender expression and empower individuals to become change agents for gender liberation.

Our new name reflects the belief that your gender should not define you; you should. It also recognises that our identity - our selfhood - is individual and complex. Society tries to tell us who to be with rules, limitations, and stereotypes based on gender and sex. But we know there's a vibrant human mosaic beyond the confines of traditional gender norms.

Join the movement

Gender inequality is a systemic issue that demands collective action. Together, we have the power to make gender liberation a reality. Being part of the Selfhood movement means participating directly in campaigns to dismantle the gender binary, tackle the radicalisation of misogyny, expand ideas of masculinity, and challenge oppressive systems. 

Together, we can create meaningful change that starts in our homes and communities and ripples across borders and the world.

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