Why is 'be yourself' a revolutionary ask?

Why is 'be yourself' a revolutionary ask?



Selfhood is more than an idea.

We are a community of optimists, fighters and dreamers with a plan to create a world in which people of all genders can live, work, love and thrive without limits. Exactly as we are.

To achieve our goal of gender liberation, Selfhood campaigns to:

1. Dismantle the gender binary

2. Tackle the radicalisation of misogyny

3. Expand the possibilities of masculinity

4. Challenge systems of power

We invited 7 people to talk about their Selfhood - how they experience gender and their vision for liberation. This is what they had to say:

We come to this movement with a diverse range of experiences, perspectives, voices and identities - ready to fight for a more just and equal future.

Our journey begins here, and we invite you to be a part of it. Change starts with collective action. Please share our video today to spread the word.

Together, we'll forge a future where Selfhood knows no bounds.

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